It feels like we are at the fag end of a fag-end government. And yet the depressing reality is that we are still only halfway through. With a Holyrood election not due until May 2026, the question that hangs is how can this clusterbourach possibly limp on for another two-and-a-half years without more Scots becoming the collateral damage for a party that feels rudderless and out of control?

With councils threatening bankruptcy, the country’s financial watchdog warning of a £2bn funding black hole, the parliament’s finance committee calling out the government for a failure to ensure policies are affordable, our capital city – among other towns and cities – declaring a housing emergency, educational standards dipping, the NHS on its knees, destitution on the rise and life expectancy on the decline, how much longer can this stasis go on?

Want to see more SNP fails? – Health Matters

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