Seventy people registered for the Scotland Matters meeting on Tuesday night, and 51 actually attended, over half had never been to one of our meetings before, and the feedback was excellent.

You can read about it on the Daily Express website: ‘The SNP will never get the joke’ as Scots told that laughter is the best weapon against the Nats – Scottish Daily Express

Tuesday Night completed a great week for Scotland Matters which included our advertising video van which visited the SNP conference and toured Aberdeen retail parks, and the launch of our latest crowdfunder, which has so far raised £790 towards our target of £3,000.

The past week’s activities cost almost £2,000. Apart from paying our ongoing £1,000 per month costs, we’d like to do a lot more billboards, social media advertising and research, so anything you can donate will be gratefully received and 100% spent on promoting the case for the UK and against separation.

If you can, please click the image below to donate: