Sturgeon Questions

Nicola Sturgeon is in “conversation” with The Times journalist Graham Spiers on Wednesday, 24th August at the Edinburgh Festival. Hopefully, he’ll do better than Iain Dale two weeks ago when he asked some good questions but didn’t follow up on her glib answers.

Our first question is “do you agree the root cause of the shameful behaviour outside the Conservative hustings is your and your party’s continual grievance mongering about the UK and the Tories?” 

We’d also like him to dig deeper into the drug deaths issue, education and NHS waiting times.

And how she can claim that Scotland “balances its budget every year” when in fact our deficit – the difference between public sending in Scotland and the tax revenues – is huge.

For example in 2019-20 public expenditure in Scotland was £81bn, the total tax collected here was £66bn and the difference -£15bnwas funded by the UK Government’s “bank of mum and dad”

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