Half of Scots think Humza Yousaf’s Government is doing badly when it comes to managing the economy – with research also finding 55% say the Scottish Government is performing badly when it comes to the NHS.

But while the Ipsos poll found there are areas where the “public see considerable room for improvement” from the SNP at Holyrood, it also suggested voters are “not necessarily inclined to think” Labour would do a better job of governing Scotland.

The results of the research were released days after Yousaf’s first Programme for Government put the focus on growing the economy to help tackle poverty.

But the results showed that 50% of Scots thought the Scottish Government was doing a bad job when it came to the management of the economy – twice the number (25%) who said the Government was doing well in this area.

That gave the Scottish Government a net score of -25, down from -16 in March, when Yousaf took over as First Minister.

Meanwhile, 55% of the 1,019 adults questioned said the Government was doing a bad job when it came to improving the NHS in Scotland. With only 22% saying SNP ministers are doing a good job of this, the Ipsos Scotland poll gave them a net score of -32.

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