AS THE SCOTTISH ECONOMY battles to emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic, it is now imperative we finally tackle the underlying structural failures. Scotland has a long running productivity problem which continues to fester unaddressed. We are witness to high taxation levels coupled with subsequent revenue projections shortfalls. In brief, Scotland and its political parties are failing to face up to productivity stagnation and a looming crisis of tax and spending. All wrapped up in a context of declining innovation.

It is with this firmly in mind that I count myself disappointed with the Budget (Scotland) Bill debated last month at Holyrood. Whilst there were admirable elements which are aimed at some of the structural issues outlined above, these were few in number and far from adequate. In fact, it is far from clear the Scottish Government is anymore more than vaguely aware of them. But unless we tackle these underlying structural weaknesses, the Scottish economy shall remain lacking in entrepreneurialism, dynamism and all the potential benefits of a thriving competitive economy.

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