The rise, revealed by Labour research, comes despite the Nats under Alex Salmond promising a “bonfire of the quangos” when elected in 2007.

Scottish Government records show 96 different public bodies with paid board members. Cairngorms National Park Authority is listed as having the most, with 19.

The board posts – for non-executive directors who advise and have oversight of bodies – are over and above day-to-day staff members.

Last night, Scottish Labour slammed the SNP for allowing executive pay to “sky-rocket at a time when ordinary families are facing a cost of living crisis”.

MSP Daniel Johnson, Scottish Labour’s spokesperson for economy and finance said: “This is another textbook example of taxpayer’s money being spent on the Scottish Government’s gravy train.

“At a time of cost-of-living crisis it is absolutely galling that so many high paid executives are raking in public money hand over fist.

“It is important to have experienced and specialist advice but non-executive directorship is not a real profession and the public should not be footing the bill for talking shops.

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