Ofgem has provisionally approved plans for a 2GW HVDC subsea link from Scotland to County Durham.

The plans look to create a link from Torness in southeast Scotland to Hawthorn Pit, which is being taken forward by SP Energy Networks and NGET, with a targeted energisation date of 2027.

Provisional approval has also been secured for a link connecting northeast Scotland and Yorkshire.

The High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) subsea link, which would have a capacity of 2GW, enough to power more than two million homes, represents a total estimated investment of about £2.1bn and would provide essential reinforcements to the country’s energy system.

The subsea superhighway of electricity transmission is designed to alleviate existing and future constraints on the electricity transmission network, supporting the growth of renewable electricity generation and creating a pathway to net zero emissions.

It would also support the UK’s future security of supply, reducing dependence and price exposure to volatile global wholesale gas markets.

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