The SNP Government have been urged to get tough on anti-social behaviour on the nationalised ScotRail network amid claims that teenage yobs are running wild.

The Scottish Daily Express has heard from industry insiders that badly-behaved youngsters ‘invaded’ Scotland’s trains during the coronavirus pandemic.

Most services were running virtually empty for months and with many ScotRail conductors either laid off or on furlough, teenagers realised they could travel for free.

Now, with the country finally returning to work, rail passengers are frequently finding themselves stuck in a carriage alongside large groups of rowdy school-age yobs.

One commuter told us: “I’ve decided to stop using the train to commute between Glasgow and Gourock after several really unpleasant journeys.

“Big groups of teenagers pile onto the train at Greenock with cans of Dragon Soop and bottles of Buckfast and are really loud and aggressive.

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