The Scottish Government has been told to step up support for a Loch Lomond village plunged into antisocial chaos during the recent heatwave.

Labour MSP Jackie Baillie sent a letter to Green MSP Lorna Slater, the Scottish Government minister who is responsible for national parks, following an influx of complaints from residents of Luss regarding dangerous parking, overflowing bins, antisocial behaviour fuelled by drinking and drug-taking and jetskiers causing chaos at the shore.

According to the Dumbarton reporter, Dave Pretswell, convener of Luss and Arden Community Council, said: “The trend of visitor footfall exceeding available infrastructure and management was evident even 10 years ago and has continued to accelerate ever since.

“The Covid-related staycation phenomenon has just pushed things over the edge and now any sunny summer day is a misery for the residents who actually live their lives in the village.”

He added: “The situation continues to get worse and is now effectively uncontrolled and beyond the abilities, resources and maybe the will of these agencies to manage effectively. Budgets and lack of resources are the repetitive explanations offered for non-performance but represent no excuse.

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