Blackford can talk of a ‘culture of contempt’ but his own leader, Nicola Sturgeon, was found to have misled Holyrood by a parliamentary committee, just last year. What could be more contemptuous than that?

As for his efforts to quote Sue Gray’s criticisms of No. 10’s ‘failures of leadership and judgment,’ Mr S would only remind the honourable member for Ross, Skye and Lochabe of the SNP’s record on its mis-management of government. It was just 15 months ago that the FDA union, which represents high-ranking UK civil servants, reported it had received ‘more complaints about bullying’ by Scottish government ministers than across all other UK ministerial departments combined. According to the FDA, there had been 30 ministerial bullying complaints by workers in five Scottish departments over the past decade, compared to only ‘a handful’ in Westminster. True leadership, eh?

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