SNP ministers have been accused of “jeopardising future jobs and energy supplies” after it emerged no modelling has been carried out on the impact of closing down all of Scotland’s nuclear power stations on the cost-of-living crisis.

The SNP-Greens Government has insisted it is opposed to new nuclear power stations being built – arguing the technology is a bad deal for consumers.

Nuclear industry leaders have warned that the Hunterston B power station has “saved Scottish consumers £360 million since the energy crisis began, equivalent to £152 for every household in Scotland”.

But it has been revealed that no modelling has been carried out by the Scottish Government on the impact on closing Hunterston B and Torness will have on energy bills – with Scots facing a huge hike in prices in the coming months.

Last month, electricity generation was switched off at Hunterston B after almost 46 years.

Since coming online in 1976, Hunterston B produced enough zero-carbon electricity to power every home in Scotland for almost 31 years – with EDF, who ran the plant, claiming the carbon avoided by the facility is the equivalent of taking every car off Scotland’s roads for 19 years.

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