The Scottish Government has been reprimanded over its failure to inform people how their personal information is being used by the NHS Scotland Covid Status mobile app.

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) also issued a reprimand to NHS National Services Scotland.

Both bodies were found to have initially failed to provide adequate privacy information within the app when it launched on 30 September last year.

The app is one method people can use to demonstrate their vaccination status for mandatory Covid status checks, which currently remain in place for large events and nightclubs, though the vaccine passport scheme will end on Monday.

The ICO said there has also been an ongoing failure to provide concise privacy information so that the average person can realistically understand how the NHS Scotland Covid Status app is using their information.

The authority also said it expects the Scottish Government and NHS National Services Scotland to act swiftly on the findings and that if they fail to take action it will consider whether further regulatory action is required.

ICO deputy commissioner Steve Wood, said: “People need to be able to share their data and go about their lives with confidence that their privacy rights will be respected.

“The law enables responsible data sharing to protect public health. But public trust is key to making that work.

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