Scotland’s most senior councillor has condemned the SNP’s hoarding of financial powers.

Alison Evison, president of council umbrella group Cosla, will today blast “an increasing centralisation of service” when it comes to cash.

Her comments follow a series of clashes over the amount of money passed on from Nicola Sturgeon’s government and the ring-fencing of some funding.

Ms Evison will tell a conference this has resulted in more and more spending decisions being “centrally directed” by Holyrood ministers.

This has hit on councils “ability to determine local priorities that best suit the needs of our constituents”, Ms Evison will add.

Meanwhile, she will insist that Scottish Government proposals to set up a National Care Service are “an attack on localism and on the rights of local people to make decisions democratically”.

Slamming the plans, Ms Evison will say: “It once again brings a centralising approach to how decisions which should be taken locally are made.”

She will add: “Centralisation is the enemy of everything we stand for in local government. It does not lead to efficiency and effectiveness, it leads to increased cost, inflexibility, an inability to respond to local requirements and lesser outcomes for communities.”

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