An MSP has told the Scottish Government that they must fund Police Scotland properly — as evidence reveals that police numbers have fallen by 46 in Ayrshire’s policing division.

South Scotland Conservative MSP Sharon Dowey said it’s about time the SNP government got to grips with the decline in numbers.

Ms Dowey said the decrease in numbers has been experienced across Scotland, with police numbers falling by 650 since the SNP completed their police merger in 2013.

Ms Dowey said: “Ayrshire’s police officers have worked tirelessly over the course of the pandemic, going above and beyond to keep us safe. While our police officers work hard, they can’t be expected to pick up the workload of the 46 officers that are no longer in the force.

“Knowing that police presence reduces crime, you’d think that it would be a Scottish Government priority to increase the number of frontline officers.

“Instead, the SNP have presided over a decline of almost 50 officers in Ayrshire since 2013, putting the safety of our communities at risk.

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