Links to useful resources…


The best analysis and think pieces from the ‘Blogosphere’ including Stephen Daisley, Effie Deans, Sceptical Scot and many more.


The Scottish press from The Herald to the Daily Record.

Other Campaign Groups

Groups, organisations and conglomerations with similar aims to Scotland Matters; UK Union Voice, These Islands, Scotland in Union, etc.

Social Media

UK Union Voice and Yes SNP Shortbread West, the fantastic parody of SNP ‘Scoddishness.’

Think Tanks

More in-depth analysis from some of Scotland most respected social, political and economic think tanks; Reform Scotland, Fraser Of Allander, Think Scotland, IFS and many more.

Political Parties

Websites and contact details for the ‘big 3’ political parties in Scotland.

University Societies

Contact details for Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrats student societies at every University in Scotland.

Recommended books

For those of you looking for a ‘long read’ over a few days or weeks.

Polls and petitions

The latest polls and petitions from organisations such as YouGov. A barometer of Scottish public opinions.

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