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So, to sum up, George…

George Galloway sums up his thoughts on putting aside party loyalties to defeat the SNP at the Holyrood elections.

What do you think of Nicola Sturgeon?

Here, George Galloway discusses his personal opinion of the Scottish First Minister.

Why is the UK important to you?

George Galloway discusses his personal reasons for why the UK is important to him.

Brian Wilson & Brian Monteith: The State of Scotland

Has Scotland had a ‘good’ Covid? Scotland Matters invited Professor Hugh Pennington CBE, world-renowned epidemiologist and Robert Kilgour, Executive Chairman of Renaissance Care which operates 15 care homes with 700 residents and employs 1100 staff in Scotland to discuss this in more depth.

Robert Kilgour & Hugh Pennington: The Scottish Government’s poor response to COVID

With Nationalists set to win the 2020 Scottish Elections how do we stop five more years of incompetent government and divisive constitutional wrangling? We asked Scotland’s leading political commentators, Brian Wison and Brian Monteith.


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