Scotland Matters COP26 Press release: SNP “MET ZERO“ renewable jobs targets

In 2010 the Scottish National party forecast there would be 130,000 green jobs in Scotland. In 2020 the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) published a report entitled “Broken Promises and Offshored Jobs” which was a well researched, well-evidenced analysis of the reality: the latest estimate, in 2019 is that there are only 21,400 people working full time in the renewables industry in Scotland.

At COP26 Scotland’s devolved government, a coalition of the Scottish National Party and Scottish Greens will seek to convince delegates and the media that they have great plans for meeting Net Zero commitments, but they are unable to do more unless they win independence from the UK.

The renewables jobs story is just one example of how the SNP/Greens have failed to meet their targets through a combination of exaggeration and incompetence and the Scotland Matters MET ZERO advan and social media campaign will highlight this, with evidence to back up our claims.

Scotland Matters is registered with the Electoral Commission as a non-party campaigner. Our mission is to get the SNP voted out of power and remove the threat of independence. You can find out more about Scotland Matters on this link, all our MET ZERO memes here.

Contact Scotland Matters at or phone 07836368030.

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