The Majority is the voice of Scotland’s anti-Nationalist majority aims to unite the SILENT MAJORITY who want to fight back against the Nationalists.

The UK Union Voice is a pro-UK political page that covers mainstream Scottish political stories as well as main UK articles. UKUV is anti-separatist and anti-SNP, Plaid Cymru and Sinn Fein. However it doesn’t support anyone pro-UK party, but all parties opposed to separatism.
Scotland in Union is a non-party, not-for-profit movement that has supporters from all points on the political spectrum, and many diverse views about how to improve life in the UK and in Scotland; but that are united in a belief that staying together is in the interests of the people of Scotland, the people in the rest of the UK, and the world more generally.

These Islands is a forum for debate that stands unabashedly for the view that more unites the people of the United Kingdom than divides them.

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