Aberdeen Advans

The Scotland Matters advan, currently touring Scotland,  was in Aberdeen City and Shire on Saturday displaying our cartoon of Nicola Sturgeon wearing a robber’s mask, running off to Holyrood with a bag of “swag”.

The cartoon represents the unfair treatment  North East Scotland gets on local taxes and our unfair Covid lockdown rules compared to the Central Belt.

 The van displayed an image Scotland Matters Steering Group member, world-famous public health expert Professor Hugh Pennington, reminding Nicola Sturgeon “you were warned that sending Covid-19 victims into care homes would result in high fatalities”.

Allan Sutherland, a spokesman for Scotland Matters, said “this election is not just about choosing a government to manage the recovery from the Covid pandemic. It’s also about recovering from 14 years of SNP incompetence, broken promises, scandal and division and the only way to do that is for huge numbers of Scots to vote tactically for pro-UK parties, stop the proposed SNP, Alba and Green Supermajority and get Indyref2 off the agenda…..forever.

Scotland Matters is an Electoral Commission registered campaign group. More information on Scotland Matters is available on their website at https://www.scotlandmatters.co.uk and they can be contacted on 07836 368030 or via email at info@scotlandmatters.co.uk

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